World Earth Day 2023

Celebrated world earth day by donating 222 saplings at Fountain Chowk Ludhiana

Celebrated World Earth Day by Donating 222 saplings at Fountain Chowk in Ludhiana

On April 22, 2023, the world celebrated Earth Day, a significant day dedicated to raising awareness of environmental protection and sustainability. The EK Hum Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Ludhiana, commemorated this day by organizing a sapling distribution drive at the Fountain Chowk in the city.

The EK Hum Foundation is committed to promoting environmental conservation and has been actively involved in various initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and conserving natural resources. The sapling distribution drive was yet another effort by the foundation to encourage people to contribute towards a greener and cleaner environment.

The event was attended by several notable individuals, including the foundation’s President, Amit Kalhan, Treasurer Lalit Berry, General Secretary Sukhwinder Singh, Joint Secretary Pankaj Bhatt, and members Ketan Arora, Bhuvan Kalhan, and Rajveer Sangha. Additionally, many volunteers came forward to help distribute the saplings.

In total, the foundation distributed 222 saplings of different varieties such as neem, amla, arjun chal, and rat ki rani, dek, palm, kaler trees.

The sapling distribution drive was a resounding success, with many individuals expressing their gratitude to the EK Hum Foundation for organizing such a thoughtful initiative. The distribution of saplings not only raised awareness of environmental conservation but also encouraged people to take concrete steps towards a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the sapling distribution drive organized by the EK Hum Foundation was a small but significant step towards creating a better world for future generations. As we celebrate Earth Day, it is important to remember that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet and preserving its natural resources.


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