Tree Plantation with Ludhiana Police

Tree Plantation Drive at Various Police Stations in Ludhiana by Ek Hum Foundation – NGO

Tree Plantation Drive at Various Police Stations in Ludhiana by Ek Hum Foundation – NGO

It’s for your kind information that EK HUM FOUNDATION is a selfless organization indulged in various social activities. One of our prime activities is Green & Clean Earth. To shape up this campaign we have started a campaign of Tree Plantation at various Police Stations in Ludhiana, which is starting from 3rd April 2022 to an indefinite period.
We hereby openly invite everyone to be a part of this noble cause by contributing plants or in any other suitable manner.

To Volunteer please click here and join the movement!

To Contribute please  click here and join the movement!

To Register for the Event please  click here and join the movement!

Tree Plantation Drive in Ludhiana | Let’s Save our Environment & Eco System

To keep our promises, we have made giving back to Mother Nature an indivisible purpose and driving force in our work. As a result, tree plantation drives are implemented. We support the planting of trees in all of the places where we operate. Our commitment to care for Mother Nature makes Tree Plantation Drives one of our organization’s most anticipated activities. Every member of Ek Hum Foundation feels that planting a tree is as religious as giving life.

Tree planting is not merely something that should be done; it is an absolute requirement, the most important need of the hour. Tree planting is very crucial for protecting our environment from air pollution and global warming. Trees have provided humanity with two of life’s necessities, food and oxygen, from the beginning. They offered additional requirements like as shelter, medicine, and tools as humanity developed.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Ek Hum Foundation.

EK Hum Foundation
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